The BarnCaster de Billy Hell
The 150 Plus Year Old Barncaster - Telecaster.
Bullets, brass, Lollar, Bigsby and more...
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The TexCasters
I admit it, I have a little problem
with building Telecaster type guitars.
I also have a Texas fixation. Check out
what happens with I mix cool tele bodies
with old license plates and solid components.
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Jimmy Page Wiring for my Les Paul
I found out that the Jimmy Page wiring
scheme is the most complicated and that
was all it took. While rewiring a guitar
can seem intimidating it really isn't.

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The "Billy Hell" Les Paul - A Custom Gibson

Well it was a pretty long
journey to this guitar.It all
started because of a single
P90 pickup.That sparked a
guitar build project that
took on a life of it's own.
Here is a journal of how
this guitar was conceived
and created.

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Modding My Les Paul Plustop Pro/Fx Here is a little discussed Epiphone guitar. This is s killer guitar that I tweak just a little.
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