Leather Work

A slide holster I made for my 1922 Colt Single Action.
This was Texas Ranger Rufus VanZandt's pistol. 

I dove head first into building guitars, and modding amps and pedals. Now I'm taking on a new skill - leather working. Growing up on a ranch in Texas I have always loved tooled leather. I have owned holsters, belts, rifle scabbards and more. I have always wanted to learn how to tool and craft leather to my will. I have started the journey and thought I would document the things I have learned and items I have found that might be of interest to a someone new to leather.

Finding the resources and tools wasn't as easy as most things on the web. It seems most accomplished leather workers have an aversion to the internet. It also seems like many of the cornerstones of leather are dead. Al Stohlman is my current leather hero. I like the old Tandy style of leather tooling. This is what you will find on many holsters and belts. The current craze is the Sheridan style. Maybe as I progress I too will fall in love with this style, but for now I like the iconic tooling from the 1880's and early 1900's.

So here we go!!

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