The Amp Tone Quest
I search for the ultimate amp...
or amps.

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New Amp Day!! 57 Tweed Deluxe!!
An accidental run in with my first tube amp leads me to my 57 Deluxe clone.

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Amps, Watts and Decibels
How loud is 5 watts?
Half the loudness of 50 watts...what?
Read on to check out my scientific
research in my own guitar room!



  A Pine Speaker Cab, Tung Oil and a Burlap Sack!
I think that says it all!
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The One Watt Amp
I wanted a low watt tube amp,
a pine cab and a 12 inch speaker.
Check it out here.



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  1. As a long time electrician, math/science major and electronics hobbyist, it is refreshing to see someone who knows their AMPLIFIERS! :D