Thursday, August 3, 2017

"The Sherayko" Holster  for Texas Jack From the Movie Tombstone

Occasionally I have a dream that I walk into a store full of vintage holsters, chaps, hats, pistols, knives and boots (that is actually a true fact). Once upon a time there was place like that in North Hollywood called "One Eyed Jack's." I did walk into that store and found out I knew the owner from a movie in Texas. He was the guy that people would always say, "You should meet Peter Sherayko, you would get along!"
You might know Peter as "Texas Jack Vermillion" from the movie Tombstone. I knew him as the guy that could rack the slide on a 1911 Colt with one hand!
After spending the afternoon sipping TN whiskey in his shop we made it back to his place in the California hills. I had bragged that I could twirl a double barrel shotgun and I think he wanted to see that for himself.
Peter Sherayko from the movie
Tomstone and R Lee "Gunny"
He had a horse corral in his front yard and a banister full of vintage leather and pistols. He produced a double barrel and I commenced to spinning it like a pistol. He was then nice enough to invite me to a local watering hole where most folks rode in on horse. When I sat down to the table I realized that many of the fellas' there were heroes of mine from western and gun magazines. Hell, I was sitting next to Phil Spangenberger!
Thanks to the internet I found Peter on the Facebook and as a thank you I created a holster for him. From now on this holster will be called the "Sherayko." Thanks for fond memory Peter I hope you get some good use out of the holster!

I wanted to share some words and photos from Peter Sherayko. 
"A big thanks to Jim Graham for making this holster, which he now calls the "Sherayko". Just got it today in the mail and while we're filming GUNNY TIME on the ranch R Lee was kind enough to have a photo with me. The SA I'm holding, 4 3/4 Nicole, fully engraved made in 1882. It has its new home, thanks Jim. "

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