Thursday, July 23, 2015

"What are you making?" From wishing you could make a holster to holding it in your hand.

You know when your in the Tandy store and the man says, "what is it you will be making?" it seems odd to just outright say, "holsters." I had never made a holster and at the time really had no idea how to make one, much less carve one. So to say, "I'm going to make holsters" felt the same as if I had said, "I'm going to carve a pocket watch out of aluminum." Could it happen? Maybe. WIll it happen? Hard to say!!

I'm happy to report that I can say with confidence now, "I make holsters." I grew up on ranch in Texas surrounded by land, Herford cattle and guns. My dad was ex Marine, so we had 1911's, M1 Garands and ultimately single action Colts. I love tooled leather. I used to google just to see what was out there. Actually figuring out how to make something was one thing, tooling a whole other and finally the thing that stopped me every time was stitching. 

This year I decided to take the advice I give many folks and I googled it. That's how I found It is my go-to site for just about every question I have had. I started buying tools (with help from members there) around June (2015). Now just a short time later I have some holsters to show for my time.
If you have ever wanted to learn to tool leather do it! Research it, ask for help, but most importantly start cutting, tooling, dying, stitching and more. I'm excited to keep learning, making and having fun!
My last couple of attempts. I looked at holsters like these on ebay but I never thought I would make my own.

I carved 20 of these to learn my tools.

My first attempt. 

My second holster (from Tandy). This one looked good!
Not exactly what I wanted but I did feel like I was starting to tool in a proper way.
This is just after tooling.
My first Will Ghormley and a 1911 holster at that. Pretty dang swanky!

Top view of the carving.

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